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Environmental Division


The environmental division at the Salem City Health District handles a variety of programs including:


  • Food Service Operation and Retail Food Establishment licensing, inspections and complaint investigation
  • Mobile and temporary food service operation licensing, inspection and complaint investigation
  • Tattoo and piercing parlor licensing, inspection and complaint investigation
  • Public swimming pool, spa and special use pool licensing, inspections and complaint investigations
  • Public water hauler registration, inspection and complaint investigation
  • Trash, nuisance and health complaint investigations
  • Animal bite investigations


Trash and Nuisance/Health Complaints

            Residents of the city of Salem may file trash or other health complaints against another resident in the city of Salem if they feel the nuisance will cause a public health issue. In order to do so, you must file a complaint with the office. You can do this by emailing the sanitarian, stopping into the office to fill out a form, by contacting our office and we can mail you a form or by clicking here (clicking here will bring up the complaint form) to electronically fill out the form and emailing it to the sanitarian. All forms must be signed by the individual making the complaint. Our office will not investigate any anonymous complaints.


Animal Bites

            It is required by law in the state of Ohio that any time an animal bites a human, the bite must be reported to the local health district. If you are a physician or another individual and would like to report an animal bite, contact our office.


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